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Boost productivity, decrease turnover rates, and maximize revenue by putting your employees' well-being first.

The cost of corporate burnout include

$1.8 trillion lost

in productivity in the United States.

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42% of desk workers and managers reported feeling burnt out. The global burnout rate has increased 2% since last measured in May 2022.

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48% of workers under age 30 say they feel burnt out compared to 40% over age 30. 46% of women compared to 37% of men report experiencing burnout.

What's causing burnout to rise?

The disconnect
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gap between employers and employees perception of mental health and well-being in the workplace. Employers consistently rate them more favorable than employees.

Employers are overlooking the role the workplace plays in burnout and are underinvesting in systemic solutions.

The Solution


Job demands

Employee resources

Team environment

Mental and physical wellbeing

Investing in the health of your employees is investing in the wealth of your company.


Mindful leadership

Team comradery

Workplace flexibility

Company transparency

Executive encouragement

Proaction instead of reaction

Reignite passion and purpose

Corporate Wellness Consulting

When Jen is your Corporate Wellness Consultant, she’ll bridge the gap between the employer and employees, resulting in open and productive communication. This will aid in increasing employee performance, unlocking executive transparency, and growing company profits.

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From her experience as an Operations Analyst, where she was the liaison between the operators and the corporate finance and executive teams, she learned the importance of having someone who can “speak both languages”. Her experience, assessment, and solutions help create an open and efficient environment company-wide.

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This is not just an investment in your employees but also in the future growth of your company. Investing in wellness creates a people-centered operation, regardless of the industry you’re in. Jen’s method involves the entire team in creating the solution so that everyone holds a stake in the result. Doing so creates more passionate, happy, healthy, and driven employees.

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"Jen's approach is very real, personal and accessible"

- Tim Foley, Think | Stack

"Jen's background in the corporate world was reassuring in that she would be able to provide practices that are practical for our company."

- Tori Waleszczak, Young + Wright Architectural

"We liked that Jen had a corporate background and can relate to the struggles that these types of employees go through on a daily basis. We knew that many of our employees were struggling to find balance and motivation in their days. We wanted to support them by hiring Jen. She gave us the tools we needed to be mindful about the decisions we make and the impacts they have."

- Carly Pallis, Pavilion

Get ahead of employee burnout

You've given your all to your business. Now let’s take your employee engagement and profits to the next level.


Schedule a call to learn how Jen's expertise can help maximize your company's success by putting your employees' wellbeing first.

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