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A community of healing humans, like you, who are on a journey to becoming their most authentic selves. Together we’ll dream BIG and go after the life your soul craves.

You feel so settled in who you are and fully supported in achieving your dreams.

Dreams like getting a raise at your new job, or finding your dream job, or going fully remote and finally becoming a digital nomad.

As your feet touch your bedroom floor, you feel ready to start your day with the morning routine you always wanted.

You know that your daily meditation and journaling prompts are waiting for you in The Collective.

And your newest friend that you met in the group chat is just a voice note away.

The Collective is a safe space to come as you are. Every month we come together for deep belly laughs, sparks of inspiration, healing tears, and expansive conversations.


Imagine waking up each day feeling grounded.

Your vision board is coming to life.

Your relationships are healthy and fulfilling.

Your body feels strong, healthy, and calm.

Your friend group is full of amazing humans!

And even though you’ve never met some of them #IRL, you feel like you’ve known one another for lifetimes! Because the people in The Collective are like you.

The Collective is the place where you will dig deep and take inspired action on a weekly basis, with the support of this incredible group and the guidance that I and our guest speakers will provide.

Because being a part of a community is healing. Taking inspired action is healing. Learning how to sit in stillness through meditation and other modalities will change your life.

I know, because it changed mine!

It comes from showing up confidently at work and home, because you embrace all of your quirks and imperfections… to the point where you can hardly help but smile (and maybe wink) at yourself every time you pass your own reflection ;)

They desire a life free of shame and full of freedom.

Freedom from societal expectations so that they can go after what they truly desire.

Freedom from all of the “shoulds” and “what-ifs” so they can live a life unapologetically guided by their intuition.

And that kind of freedom comes from healing from your past and creating a new belief system.

“The Collective is a space where you can go to receive support and love. Whether it’s self-love and self-support or feeling like you are loved and supported by someone else. Jen’s presence really encompasses that and it’s nice to not feel so alone."

When I first stumbled into the personal development world, and waking up to my spirituality, it was almost out of necessity.

Seemingly out of nowhere, I became really sick. There was a time when I couldn’t eat anything without it coming right back out. Searching for answers, I started exploring all kinds of health hacks and healing modalities.

After 2 weeks at the Mayo Clinic and leaving without answers, I ended up in a meditation class which I can only describe as destiny.

- Denise C.

Everything changed.


last day at
mayo clinic



my turn.

destiny :)

I know what it’s like to go through burnout and not have anyone in my corner who really understands the challenges both physical and mental. It’s not that my friends and family didn’t want to understand. They simply hadn’t experienced it.

image (5)_edited.jpg

I know what it’s like when you experience an exciting breakthrough and want to share with someone who will celebrate with you! But then feel like you have no one who’s on the same path of discovery.

I also know what it’s like to immerse myself so deeply in shadow work and healing, that it feels difficult to pull yourself out and experience the light again.

image (5)_edited.jpg

And I know that deep down inside, everyone wants to feel seen, supported and understood. And while we take our healing seriously in The Collective, we also focus on the fun of it. The joy that can be experienced. In The Collective we know that “the work” doesn’t have to be hard! It can feel like freedom.

The cycle of dreaming, healing, and growing is constant. We are always evolving! And now, I’m so excited that you’ve found your way to this page, because you don’t have to do it alone!

When you join The Collective you have an entire community supporting you, loving you, guiding you, and cheering for you every step of the way.

Because you deserve to

Feel seen and heard for who you are in your fullest expression.

And to prioritize yourself and support your overall health and well-being by taking the time to tune into self-led exercises and community hangs!

image (3)_edited.jpg
image (3)_edited.jpg


A loving community for dreamers and inspired action-takers that offers direct support from me and other like-minded humans. A safe space where we prioritize ourselves and create deeper soul connections

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into spirituality or you’ve already moved through multiple cycles of death and rebirth or anywhere in between. The Collective has something for humans at all phases of their self-discovery journey.

Think of it as your own personal wellness center, designed around collective energy.

A place where you can sit in stillness, and go through a guided meditation to manifest abundance in your life in the AM, and then tune into a workshop on how to read food labels in the afternoon so that you can take control over your finances and your health.

A place where you can get inspired to excel in your career through the journal prompts, and then be held accountable in the group chat by people who want nothing more than to see you win.

"Meditating with Jen has literally been a life-changing experience for me. Because I listened to the inner-child meditation, in The Collective, I learned the importance of incorporating my inner child into everything that I do. This past year, my life has completely changed and that meditation has played a huge part in that."

- Jillian P

Guided meditation library.

Meditate with me anywhere and any time! Choose from the library of over 80 guided meditations. The meditations range from 1-30 minutes with an abundance of topics. Like opening your heart, releasing stress, aligning your chakras, and so much more! Check out the library here.

Monthly community circles. 

We virtually come together to deeply connect with each other and ourselves. These calls are an open discussion of what the collective energy is like and how it’s affecting you. Get your biggest questions answered on the spot and enjoy a channeled guided meditation live with me. 

Journal prompts.

Get inspired with thoughtful journal prompts. These prompts will guide you to learn more about yourself and manifest your desires.

Members-only Discord channel.

Your all-access chat to receive support from me and the other members. The chat is open for you to use at any time. Pop in to celebrate a win, lean in on the comfort of the community, learn something new and support others.

Meditation programs and challenges.

Focus on enhancing specific areas of your life with these curated meditation programs. Join a program or challenge to kickstart your meditation practice, lengthen your current practice, strengthen the connection to yourself, and more.


Monthly workshops.

We virtually come together to learn from me and other industry experts. The insights shared during these workshops will stay with you for a lifetime. This is where wisdom grows.

The Collective Landing Page (4)_edited.png
The Collective Landing Page (4)_edited.png
The Collective Landing Page (4)_edited.png
The Collective Landing Page (4)_edited.png
The Collective Landing Page (4)_edited.png
The Collective Landing Page (4)_edited.png

Oh wait, have we met yet?

The Collective Landing Page (9).png

I’m Jen!

Burnt-out accountant turned meditation coach and corporate wellness expert.


I’m currently a nomad and haven’t had a lease since May 2020!


I desire a world full of connection where emotions are seen as beautiful and humans use their energy to lift each other up.


I have a curious mind that leads me to constantly learning new things. My interests run wide -  from skincare to finances to nutrition to astrology to football. Hence creating The Collective which you can think of as a Netflix meets community for your highest self. The only thing we may not discuss at length in The Collective is football, but then again, are any Bills Mafia members here?


I don’t believe in societal molds. And I know from experience that every step in life is worth celebrating! I also know my people feel the same way.  We love asking the Universe, “how can life get even better?”

The Collective Landing Page (6)_edited.png

For 2 years, I suffered from a chronic illness that was caused by corporate burnout. As I mentioned earlier, I met with doctors across the country seeking answers in vain.


I took the matters of my health into my own hands because I craved a life bigger, more fulfilling, and healthier than the one I was living. This was the start of my spiritual awakening.


I started to research a more holistic way of living and shared it on my old Instagram Zen Jen in the City (please message me if you’ve been around since those days!)

But I wasn’t always like this.

Meditation helped me transform into the happiest and healthiest version of myself. Bye-bye burnout! 


In 2020, I became a Certified Meditation Coach and started working with hardworking professionals to help them overcome burnout and step into a life filled with their deepest desires.


Their results were incredible! From landing dream jobs to finding a loving partner, I saw firsthand the kind of healing that happens when you have someone to hold the vision with you and walk you through your healing journey.

And that’s why I created The Collective as your on-going support and community.





3-month commitment



one month on me :)

Untitled design (41)_edited.jpg
Untitled design (41).png
Untitled design (41)_edited.jpg

In 2023, it’s (y)our turn. It’s your time to put your well-being first. It’s time to relax into the support of others. It’s time to connect to your inner wisdom and take action toward your dreams.

It’s time to be authentically you.

    In The Collective, there’s a deeper and more personal connection that is made with me, the other members, and yourself. Current members have expressed that they feel much safer meditating with me, compared to other leaders on different apps, because they know and trust that I will protect and take care of their energy. Plus you have an entire community of members who you can reach out to, individually or collectively, for support. Instead of just being another number in an app algorithm.
    The Collective is open to all levels of meditators and you don’t need to have a current meditation practice to join. When you become a member you’ll have access to tools that will help you create a meditation practice that you love! If you're a beginner, I recommend that you start with the Meditation 101 workshop to build a solid foundation for your new meditation practice.
    Absolutely! The Collective is a place where you can continuously grow your knowledge to help serve your clients even more. You’ll not only learn from me but from other industry leaders as well. And let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as meditating too much. The Collective will guide you in connecting to the depths of your soul with your meditation practice.
    Meditating in a group is powerful as f*ck. All of the energies of the group come together as one, creating expansive feelings and results. It feels like when hanging out with your best friends and you can’t stop laughing or dancing around like fools. Or maybe you simply feel safe and relaxed because you can just be yourself. Meditating with a group can create change in your life seemingly overnight. Just like magic!
    You have the option to cancel your membership at any time after the first 3-months.
    No refunds, angel.
    The Collective is a group experience designed to support you throughout all phases of your healing journey. Mindset Makeover is an intimate 1:1 coaching program that is specially designed to help you overcome the stress, anxiety, and burnout you’re facing so that you can step into the life you’ve always imagined for yourself. In this program, I personally guide you through establishing practices and rituals that feed your soul and make you say “It feels good to feel good again”. We create intentional shifts in your life to call in the things you deeply desire (like a promotion, a new job, a loving partner, the freedom to travel anywhere - just to name a few). You’ll learn how to release control and surrender to the newfound connection with your intuition. This program creates massive transformations for my clients. In the Mindset Makeover program, you get my full attention. I’m here as your trusted guide, accountability buddy, biggest cheerleader, and shoulder to cry on. If you’re interested in joining Mindset Makeover click here to apply.
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