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Wellness Workshop

An interactive, engaging, and fun workshop for your entire team!
During the workshop, you and your team will learn about mindfulness and how to use it at work and in life to help create more balance. Jen also shares simple mindful tips to help prevent stress and burnout.

Throughout the workshop, she'll lead you through wellness activities and exercises which reveal how effective these new practices can be. Of course, she always guides everyone through a meditation at the end to practice what you just learned.

Each workshop is curated to meet your expectations while also conveying your company's core values.
"Jen's workshop provided tangible practices that can be used to check in with yourself and actively create a better mental environment that allows you to work at your best. With her straightforward checkpoints my teams have thrived."

- Joey Nescola, Grant Thorton
"The workshop allowed our employees to take a moment and focus on themselves and be more aware of them and their surrounding instead of being caught in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I would describe the workshop as enlightening and interactive. You learn a lot."

- Justine Carter, MadHive
"The Wellness Workshop with Jen kicked off additional impactful internal conversations. Employees said they feel less stressed and that they also feel more encouraged at work. The workshop was engaging, interactive, educational, fun, thought-provoking, and growth-minded.

- Jamie Nash, Think|Stack
Learn how you can bring Jen's expertise to your team by clicking on the link below to schedule a call.
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